Bream Bundle


Introducing the Xcite Baits Bream Bundle

The ultimate collection of lures specifically designed to mimic bream and entice bass like never before! This bundle includes four irresistible baits: the Xtreme Stix, Retro Bug, Xshad, and the Shad Nasty. Get ready to unlock the secret to bass-catching success with these lifelike imitations!

First up, we have the Xtreme Stix, a versatile bait that perfectly emulates the natural movements of a bream. Its slender profile and lifelike action make it irresistible to bass, triggering their predatory instincts and prompting aggressive strikes. Cast it near bream beds or along weed edges, and watch as the Xtreme Stix becomes the bass' next irresistible meal!

Next in the lineup is the Retro Bug Designed with its lifelike legs and tantalizing action, this bait is a proven to get bit. Flip it into heavy cover or work it around structure, and let the Retro Bug do the talking. 

The Xshad takes bream imitation to a whole new level. Its realistic design, natural color patterns, and lifelike swimming action make it a go-to bait for bass anglers. Cast it around shallow areas or retrieve it through grass beds, and witness the Xshad's ability to fool even the weariest of Bass. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the Shad Nasty. This bait perfectly replicates the appearance and movement of a bream, making it an irresistible target for bass. With its detailed features and lifelike color patterns, the Shad Nasty is a go-to choice for anglers looking to hook trophy-sized bass. Cast it with confidence and get ready for heart-stopping strikes that will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Upgrade your bass fishing arsenal with the Xcite Baits Bream Bundle and unlock the secret to consistently hooking into bass. These lifelike baits are designed to mimic bream, a favorite meal of bass, and will undoubtedly increase your chances of landing the catch of a lifetime.



Xtreme Stix 5" Crawdad, Magic Craw

Retro Bug - Green Pumpkin Blue, Watermelon Candy

XshadBlue Glimmer, Mardi Gras

XB-1 Bluegill

Shadnasty - Sexy Shad

Arsenal Bag 12"x10"

Price: 42.99 (60.91 sold separately)  

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"Best swimbait I've ever thrown.
Two tournaments in a row I got my limit with the sexy shad color when nothing else would work. Very durable, my new go to bait!"

Tim C.

Sherman, Texas

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Raptor Tail Jr. - "These are the only craws I use for flipping. I also use them as jig trailers for a larger profile. The plastic really does float which helps keep the claws up in the defensive position...just like a live craw. Can't go wrong with Xcite!"


XB-1 Crankbait - "Can't say enough good things about these baits. From the quality paint jobs and hooks to the loud rattle these baits simply catch fish. If you aren't throwing an XB-1 you are putting yourself at a disadvantage."


Maximus 10.5" - "Great bait, love it for fishing deep structure, fish eat the heck out of this thing, it floats so well it stands up off the bottom, fish cant resist it when u shake it!"


Raptor Tail Jr - “These baits are a big fish bait. We pulled up to a stretch of docks this summer on a hot sunny day pitching the okeechobee color and caught 4 fish over 3 pounds in 15 minutes. Love the action this craw presents and if you don't use them I recommend them.”

Wisconsin Angling Outdoors

Bream Bundle

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