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Here at Xcite Baits, we manufacture all of our soft plastic baits in-house.  This allows us to control every aspect of the production to bring you a better quality bait.  Consistency is extremly important.  If you purchased a bait several years ago, the texture and color will be the same as today and years to come. 

One of the important things we DON'T do is put salt in our baits.  This has a great advantage in making all of our baits float.  If you are fishing a jig, the Raptor Tail Chunk or Raptor Tail Jr's claws will float up mimicking a fleeing crawfish.  The floating ability also is a great advantage when fishing a drop shot or shakey head.  Check out both the Slim-X or Maximus for either of those techniques. 

  • Black & Blue Green Pumpkin Blue

    Retro Bug

    The 4” Retro Bug features a beaver like body with old school retro claws. Designed to pair with a jig, flip or pitch into cover, or Texas rig. This craw is made with no salt and injected with our proprietary blend of high floating plastic allowing...

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  • Raptor Tail™ Chunk - In Plumpkin Color Dirt

    Jig Trailer - Raptor Tail™ Chunk

    The ultimate jig trailer.  When money is on the line, you better have a Raptor Tail™ Chunk on your jig.  The special designed claws give the Raptor Tail Chunk a realistic movement mimicking a fleeting crawfish.  The floating...

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  • Indy Bug Dirt

    Raptor Tail™ Jr

    A great choice as a flip bait or a bigger jig trailer, the Xcite Baits Raptor Tail™ Jr. offers more size and vibration than its slightly smaller cousin the Raptor Tail™ Chunk. Its 4" size makes it very versatile, and its high floating action...

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