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XB-1 Crankbait from Xcite Baits

1st May 2014

The majority of fishing lures are designed to catch fisherman instead of fish. With so many colors and sizes it’s difficult to decide which one is right and which one is wrong. Xcite Baits has made that decision easier with the XB-1 squarebill crankbait. The XB-1 comes in fourteen of the most proven colors for catching fish. The bait is lifelike in appearance and is hand tuned before they leave the factory. What this means is on tournament day you’re not adjusting, you’re fishing. It’s refreshing to know that these crank baits are designed with helping you achieve your goal of locating and staying on the bass. I recently caught up with tournament pro Rob Milam and asked him why he prefers Xcite Baits XB-1 and his response was, “it just flat out catches fish!”

We all know that the square bill crank bait is one of the more effective search baits on the market today. However, all square billed crank baits are not created equally. Here’s why you should be throwing the Xcite Baits XB-1. The single largest factor is the weight transfer system. The XB-1 has a tungsten ball bearing that gives the bait enough weight so that you can cast for distance. We’ve all fished on the days where you working baits in 15 – 20 mile per hour wind, so we all know how difficult casting light baits can be. The Xcite XB-1 allows you to make the long casts and cuts through the wind like a bullet because of the weight transfer system. This system allows the XB-1 to turn over into the wind and allows you to hit the spot with confidence. Long gone are the helicopter casts thanks to Xcite Baits weight transfer system. The advantage of the longer cast is that it gives you the ability to not spook fish with your electronics, trolling motor or footsteps on the deck.

Xcite Baits bring together design, functionality and the experience of creating baits that work in any fishing situation. When you’re looking to put quality bass in the boat your equipment is the only thing that separates you from the field. If you’re looking to increase your chances at the fish of a lifetime don’t leave it to chance use the square bill that is factory tested, has more muscle and gives you the confidence you need to perform at your highest level. Whether you’re fishing in the neighborhood pond or on Guntersville bring in the excitement with the Xcite Baits XB-1!