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To the men and women of our armed forces, Thank You!

Posted by Alan Sladek on 24th May 2014

In the words of singing great Kid Rock, “I was born free!” How often do you stop down and think about being born free and the price that has been paid by countless soldiers? I know that this Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer fishing and boating season, however, this weekend is for remembering those that have given it all so that we may enjoy all the passions and liberties that our country was founded on. Xcite Baits thanks all the men and women who serve and all those that have given it all to ensure that we remain a free nation.

Service, Excellence and Leadership are the makeup of the American Soldier. Many of these men and women spend weeks, months and years away from their families and much of that time is spent in dangerous parts of the world. It take a special person to commit their lives to others freedoms. Most of the guys that I speak with are humble about their service and never lead with it. These men and women bear the scars of losing their friends and brothers or come back with emotional and physical limitations that affect their lives forever. Xcite Baits joins the nation in saying thank you for all you have given.

Many of the Xcite Baits pro team are either former or active military. As I speak to these men and hear their stories of what Memorial Day means to them. It makes me stop and think how blessed we are to have brave fighting me and women who put themselves on the line each day for our security and safety. Without these great heroes our world would be a different place.The next time you see a soldier tell them thanks for what they do. Xcite baits is proud to support Wounded Warriors, Heroes on the Water and many other soldier based groups that enjoy the outdoors.

So as you are firing up the grill, heading to the lake or reeling in your personal best, don’t forget about the folks that protect your right to do it. It’s amazing what you can learn and how your views can be changed when you stop and speak to the men and women who serve our country. To those families that have given the ultimate sacrifice we salute you and give you a place of honor in our thoughts and prayers.