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Floating Baits

Posted by Alan Sladek on 11th May 2014

You ever wanted to know the difference between soft plastic bait with salt in it versus soft plastic bait without salt added? I have been pondering the question over the last several weeks. I know the obvious answer is that salt makes it sink. However, for the real scoop I sat down with Lloyd Walker from Xcite Baits to get his take. It’s amazing what you can learn over a barbeque sandwich and a glass of ice tea.

Everyone knows that bait is about the action! I had Lloyd go over the Raptor Tail Jr. with me. To me it just looked like a crawfish, but to the expert you could see where thickness was added to the claws, giving you a great action while sinking . The Raptor Tail has an outside angle on the claw, which allows the bait to move more water and stay in the defensive position naturally, producing the big strikes that makes your day on the water memorable. I love crawfish and they fish great Texas Rigged, as a jig trailer or on punch baits. I am still discovering all the uses and would love to hear all the ways you rig your Raptor Tail Jr.


Back to my question about the salt, if you fish worms from 7” or 10” the salt free worm allows you to fish slower without losing action. I realize as water temperatures warm you fish faster, but I have seen many instances that the big hook up comes when I’m doing nothing with the bait. It all goes to the action and life like appeal of the Maximus. The 10” worm season will be upon us soon and these post spawn fish will be looking for the big meal. Give them what they want!

Fishing is a relationship business. Whether it’s you and a buddy flipping trees with Raptor Tails or Carolina Rigging a Maximus it’s the memories that are created and the fun you have on the water.Xcite Baits is bringing Xcite-ment back to the water this spring. Check out all the great baits and make your own Xcite-ment out there. You can learn more about Xcite Baits at their website,