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Never Stop Learning

Posted by Alan Sladek on 1st Oct 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Xcite Baits pro, James Biggs.As a weekend warrior and amateur outdoor media guy I was exc

Understanding The Seasonal Pattern

Posted by Alan Sladek on 29th Sep 2014

On The Hook – Understanding The Seasonal Pattern Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s sales, construction, automotive or sports there
In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

Posted by Alan Sladek on 24th Sep 2014

In the beginning there was a kid who wanted to fish. That beginning turned out a determined, knowledge and formidable competitor at the hi
Xcite adds FLW Touring Pro

Xcite adds FLW Touring Pro

Posted by Lloyd Walker on 15th Jul 2014

XCITE BAITS HELPS FLW TOUR PRO JAMES BIGGS TO LIVE THE DREAMTBF Champion from Texas Signs with Home State ManufacturerJuly 16th, 2014FOR I

Getting on a Pro Staff

Posted by Alan Sladek on 8th Jul 2014

There have been numerous conversations, articles and blogs tossed around regarding pro staff positions. After reading Chris Payne’s articl